Therabron Therapeutics’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Aprile Pilon, was invited to present a poster and to give a short presentation at a workshop entitled, “Mechanisms of Lung Injury and Immunomodulator Interventions in Influenza”, in Ventura, CA. Dr. Pilon presented the company’s results from the first clinical trial of CC10 in premature infants in respiratory distress, in which CC10 demonstrated potent anti-inflammatory activity and a profound protective effect to reduce the number of re-hospitalizations due to respiratory symptoms in treated infants for 6-12 months after treatment. Dr. Pilon then showed new data demonstrating the anti-viral activity of CC10 against influenza in an animal model of flu infection. The protective effects of CC10 in respiratory distress combined with its anti-viral properties make it an ideal candidate for development in treatment of influenza. The talk concluded with a call for government agencies to fund the development of novel immunomodulatory agents like CC10 for influenza and other biodefense pathogens, which heretofore had been ignored in favor of standard anti-viral agents and vaccines. The workshop was held the day before the start of a 5-day Gordon Research Conference entitled; “Biology of Acute Respiratory Infection” and was sponsored by the US Human Health Service Biodefense Advanced Research and Development Authority (HHS-BARDA), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and the Wellcome Trust. The workshop was held in honor and memory of Dr. Jerry Donlon, Director of BARDA, who passed away in November 2009. Therabron Therapeutics was one of just two companies invited to present.