Therabron Therapeutics received a $986k, 2 year grant from the USAMRAA to evaluate its lead product, the rhCC10 protein, as a therapeutic to treat inhalation lung injury due to smoke inhalation and dermal burn/sepsis. Explosions in the war theater put soldiers at risk of inhalation lung injury and burns. And every year, thousands of people are injured in fires and car accidents in which they inhale smoke that damages their lungs and/or receive burns over different parts of their bodies. These injuries are often fatal and, if the victim survives the initial event, the major cause of death is due to the overwhelming inflammatory response that occurs as part of the body’s response to these horrific injuries. Even in the absence of burns to the skin, smoke inhalation is deadly, just as extensive burns alone in the absence of smoke inhalation may be fatal. And the combination of smoke inhalation and dermal burns is even more lethal. Therabron Therapeutics’s rhCC10 protein therapeutic candidate has already shown efficacy in reducing severe pulmonary inflammation in premature infants suffering from respiratory distress syndrome, as well as several animal models of acute lung injury and sepsis, and holds significant promise for decreasing morbidity and mortality in inhalation lung injury.